Our leadership team

Meet the experienced team at the helm who make the tech magic happen.


An electronic engineer-entrepreneur hybrid, Muhammad couldn’t find a job that fulfilled his passion for building gadgets and writing software, so he created one for himself. His role encompasses everything from making slides – his PowerPoint skills are on point – and guiding projects to meeting clients, keeping staff happy and ensuring that A2D24 grows in a sustainable manner. Muhammad delights in the process of seeing a concept come to fruition and have a positive impact on a broad audience. He is adept at build trusting relationships with clients and is permanently juggling a few technological balls in the air. A lover of travel and good food, he may or may not be an amateur spymaster and is thinking of buying a company go-kart.

Head of Internal Operations

As Employee 001, Sofiah started at A2D24 the day the company was registered has seen it grow from a one-man business to its current iteration involving multi-million-rand project budgets. She draws satisfaction from her flexible and challenging role encompassing finance, office management, procurement and logistics (she hasn’t lost anyone yet). Sofiah keeps her focus a few steps ahead to make sure the A2D24 team is always prepared for what’s around the corner and switches between high-level and day-to-day details. An enthusiastic book club member, the fantasy genre is her sanctuary. She believes everyone should read the Lord of the Rings and that Jaime Lannister’s sword would come in handy on occasion.


Imtiaz's passion for tech and being able to make a meaningful impact on the world through its implementation is matched only by his love of fast cars and go-faster coffee (no chicory, please). The electronic engineer designed and built his first production system at the age of 12, while the rest of the team were still trying to spell properly and avoid eating vegetables. As our Head of Development, he leads and manages a team of software developers, supporting them in building an industry-leading product using robust architectural practices and innovative software solutions that are fit for purpose. Hailing from KwaDukuza in KwaZulu-Natal, near the birthplace of King Shaka, Imtiaz brings the Zulu warrior spirit to every tech challenge, but thankfully reserves the spear-throwing for his downtime.


An electronic engineer with a masters in robotics, AQ is a member of the A2D24 “old guard” and has done everything from project management and coding to servicing and callouts, installations and financing. His primary focus is on hardware integration, operational management and the development of new projects. AQ is intent on using technology for social upliftment, seeing A2D24’s “crazy” ideas come to life and solving the fundamental challenge of creating solutions for people who are not technically minded. Curiously, the notoriously camera-shy father of a soccer-playing robot would not want to work alongside an android – unless, of course, it was Ironman. At home, you will often find AQ stripping toasters, old cellphones and other gadgets down for parts.

Health Care Product Owner

A former McKinsey management consultant and University of Cape Town alumnus, Thato is tasked with developing A2D24's healthcare products, scoping out new products and processes, while ensuring brilliant user experience. Thato relishes being able to impact this significant sector, working with leading healthcare providers and alongside world-class tech pioneers at A2D24. She boasts a wealth of international experience in markets such as East Africa, Spain, Turkey and Asia-Pacific. Crucially, when things don't go according to plan, she is able to curse in the most exquisite business French. The passionate F1 fan can cook up a mean selection of confectionery and is busy working on a poetry anthology, which, she promises, won’t be penned in binary code. Life Philosophy: “Be the light in everything you do, infecting all you come across with positive energy."