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  • Geared towards work-life balance and optimal productivity

    • Work flexible hours and out of the office
    • Enjoy a healthy, sit-down hot lunch daily
    • Enjoy thrilling annual team building experiences, such as AMG advanced driving courses and hot air balloon rides, and a trip to Zanzibar
    • Play table tennis or table soccer at the office

    Respectful working culture

    • A workplace that encourages individuality – be who you are, dress your way
    • A politics-free environment in which respect of different cultures and religions is paramount
    • Team members are valued for their work, not for other considerations
  • Develop your career at the forefront of tech

    • Opportunity to work with the latest, most advanced and best tech and gadgets
    • A2D24 receives access to AWS technical training opportunities
    • Access to conferences and training programmes
  • Socially-conscious and driven towards community upliftment

    • Donation to team members’ charities of choice
    • Financial support for deserving tertiary students
    • Hackathons to encourage youth to pursue careers in science
  • Merit-based pay structures

    • Annual performance bonus, linked to individual and company output
    • Best-performing staff members receive an annual top-up bonus
    • The best performer of the year will enjoy a global travel experience
  • An array of financial benefits

    • Company credit card
    • Reimbursement of all work-related expenses, including travel and phone charges
    • Get salary advances or interest-free loans to get you through the tough times